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In 1994, after pastoring in various places in the State of New Hampshire , my wife, Cynthia, and I, Pastor Benjamin Swan, Pastor Ben Swancame back to the town of Rindge. Cyndie grew up in Rindge, the town where we also first met each other. This became the town to start a new work in. We came called of the Lord to start Monadnock Full Gospel Church .

We first started this church when our children were very young. Our first meetings were at a banquet hall in town on Sunday nights. With no money and lots of faith we held evangelistic services and encouraged people to turn to the Lord for salvation and healing in their lives. We saw many miracles take place in those days.

From there we moved to the old Sears building on the south end of Route 202. We started our Sunday morning services at this location. We grew out of that setting and a year later moved to a location on campus at Franklin Pierce College in order to hold our services. Our next move was to West Main Street in Rindge, where we renovated an old apartment house, turning it into a church, and we stayed there for six years. During this time we continued to hold a Sunday morning and a Sunday night service and built up our children’s ministry. In 1999 we were given the opportunity to buy 13 acres of land on the corner of Middle Winchendon Road and Route 202. After much planning we built our new church in 2003.